oracle cards



Something I only really started tapping into about two years ago. I remember reading books on what intuition was, how to find it, follow it. But like anything, it's one thing to understand a concept intellectually, and another thing to really feel and embody what something is. And this takes time..


I was speaking to partner on the phone. He was calling me from Manly on someone elses phone cause he had lost his somewhere that afternoon. I got off the call and knew his phone was at Queenscliff Lagoon. I drove down there and began searching in the dark, and there it was. To date, this is the weirdest intuitive moment I've had. How did I know it was there? I'm not sure, but I just knew.

These days my intuition speaks to me in lots of different ways. Through feelings and emotions, picture, smells..

I know now that if I don't trust that initial gut instinct I receive, the energy moves from my sacral up into my head and I can to and frow on the decision till I literally give myself a headache.

There are some practices that have helped me forge a deeper connection to my intuition.

Practice letting the body answer questions through how it feels. Drop from the mind down into a feeling place within the body. Ask and wait for an answer. Does it feel expansive/ yes, or does it feel like a contractive/no?

Explore your human design authority and get to know how you best make decisions. You can find out more about Human Design by getting your chart here, and following Jenna Zoe and listening to any podcasts she's been interviewed on. I had a reading from her last year and it has radically changed the way I move through the world. 

Using an oracle deck was a game-changer. I love the Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray and Rebecca Campbell's deck called Work Your Light. Once you've got the hang of it I find The Psychic Tarot Oracle by John Holland very accurate. 
I will ask, "What energy do I need to embody today?" or "Where am I at today?" or "What guidance do I need today?" - then pull a card and see what feelings, thoughts, stories come up around the card. Trust what comes.. that's your intuition.