healing offerings

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Sound Healing

Sound vibration is used as a modality to enhance healing. I use specific frequencies & channelled vocals to balance, shift and move energy.

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Shift and release energetic and emotional blocks that are stored within you through the powerful practice of breathwork.

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Reiki is an ancient energy healing modality. I channel life force energy to enhance your body’s ability to heal.

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Voice coaching & healing

Find and free your authentic singing voice using connection to breath, developing healthy technique, scales, throat chakra clearing, visualisation, singing and chanting.

I guide and support you in finding your pure expression through mind, body, spirit connection.


Voice coaching / healing 60mins - $100
YIN: Reiki + Sound Healing 75 mins - $120
YANG: Breathwork + Sound Healing 75 mins - $120
All encompassing healing sessions 75 mins - $120

We can focus on a specific modality you’d like to work with or approach the session from the block you’d like to release.
Eg. Freeing the voice/ throat chakra, unblocking creativity, opening the heart etc.

For questions please email citadelsoulmusic@gmail.com or to make an appointment see the form below.


Full Moon Circle

This monthly gathering began in June 2017 and has blossomed into a community full of like-minded souls looking to further understand themselves and the world. The evening features meditation, ritual, breathwork and sound healing as Citadel guides and supports the group to let go of anything no longer serving them and heal.

Friday May 17th 7pm at Power Living Yoga in Manly, Sydney.

Tickets are available online.