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Citadel is a gifted singer/songwriter/healer from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. She has played at The Mind Body Spirit Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Subsonic Festival and various yoga classes, retreats and events.

She teaches voice work, runs a Full Moon Circle each month, leads chanting and offers sound healing one on one and in groups.

She is passionate about creating music and spaces that heal, inspire and invite people to get to know their true self, experience joy, let go and connect with other conscious people in a loving community network.

Chanting For Humans Everywhere vol. 1 is out now on all digital music stores.
Soul Shift EP - set for release Oct. 2018
Birth Of A Wolf debut album - set for release early 2019


Vocals, Piano, Songwriting, Singing Bowls / Citadel






Citadel's songwriting took a welcomed turn after a spiritual awakening in mid 2016 where stories were waiting to be told. Her songs come from a place of healing and are often based around the path of self development and living conscious life. 

She combines her love of music and meditation and takes audiences on a deep journey within which speaks to the soul.

She often plays live music to accompany yin yoga, flow classes and events in Sydney and across the world. Her intuitive, healing approach makes it easy for teachers to collaborate with and her energy and music, and allows students to experience a deep connection to their bodies, emotions and the present moment.

See the events page for upcoming workshops, classes, moon circles and festivals where Citadel shares live music & sound healing.

Music releases


Soul Shift

I Am Light

Ong Namo

Ocean Waves


From Above

Stronger Than I Know


Ra Ma Da Sa

Full moon circle


Monthly full moon circle…

The Citadel Full Moon Circle is a monthly gathering that has blossomed from a few friends in a lounge room to a community of like-minded, supportive, authentic men and women.

The Full Moon is the perfect time to stop, reflect and let go of anything that is no longer serving us. When we tap into the beauty of nature, we remember just how wonderous we are. When we stop and sit, we can see clearly who we truly are.

Citadel guides you through a fulfilling evening of meditation, ritual, visualisation, co-creation and sound healing. 

The Yoga Space, Manly on the Friday evening closest to the Full Moon. Check events page for details.


 debut EP

On May 12 Chanting For Humans Everywhere was recorded live at Trackdown Studios. The afternoon began with a heart and throat opening flow led by the amazing Shauna Hawkes and then the group chanted together and the session was recorded.

Out July 27th on all digital music stores.

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If you would like to be a part of the live recording of chanting vol. ii,
please keep in touch on Instagram and Facebook for info or email

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Workshop - Balance and nourish your chakras through sound vibration, music and song.

Citadel guides the group through each chakra, using meditation, intent, frequency, voice channelling and song to balance and nourish your chakras. This workshop can be married with a yin class for extra healing.

Friday June 22 at Power Living Manly with Eliza Giles. Click here for tickets.


Monthly full moon circle

Citadel leads a monthly Full Moon Circle with Sound Healing on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The group is guided through meditation, visualisation, journaling, letting go and manifesting, an oracle card reading and sound healing.

Visit the Events page or email to find out more and reserve your place.


Yin Yoga + Live Music

In January 2017 a beautiful marriage began on a Monday evening at Power Living Yoga, Manly 8-9pm.

Yogi, Courtney guides the class into relaxing yin poses as Citadel takes you on a calming journey encouraging letting go physically and emotionally whilst invoking joy and a beautiful energy. 

This Yin & live music offering has also began every third Friday of the month at Power Living Neutral Bay, Sydney.


Sound healing

Sound healing has been used as a healing modality for thousands of years by the Ancient Egyptians and Aboriginals and it is being acknowledged and revisited in society today. Through vibration, various instruments, notes, tones, intentions and sounding techniques help release negative emotion from the body and restore balance to the chakras, which are the main energy centres within the body. Citadel intuitively combines meditation, visualisation, piano, voice, singing bowls and your own voice to set you on an empowering healing journey of self-awareness.

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one on one healing session - passive

In person or over Skype receive a general tune up of all your chakras or focus on a specific area or emotion that feels stuck within the body,

This session is for someone who isn't quite ready to be active in their sound healing journey. You are totally in receiver mode as I give sound healing to you.

1 hour: $90
For an additional $25, receive a recording of your session for you to keep and revisit.

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one on one healing session - active

In person or over Skype receive a general tune up of all your chakras or focus on a specific area or emotion that feels stuck within the body.

This session is for someone who wants to participate in their session. You are mainly in receiving mode, but I will be intuitively guiding you to visualise, send intention, hum, create basic sounds to express and let go. 

1 hour: $90
For an additional $25, receive a recording of your session for you to keep and revisit.


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Group sound healing

In groups of up to five at my studio, or over Skype or at a place of your choosing.  Receive a general tune up of all your chakras or focus on a specific area or emotion that may be resonating with the group/ family.

Prices vary, please email for more info.



One on one throat chakra balancing & opening

Citadel intuitively combines singing coaching and her healing work to provide a unique offering to help empower people to express and heal their voice and blocked throat chakra. She guides the sessions between you receiving sound healing from her via piano, voice and singing bowls and you giving sound healing to yourself, sounding and breath work, visualisation, humming and vibration, thought intention and channeling. 

If you have trouble expressing yourself through words, you filter and monitor the things you say aloud, you find the thought of speaking or singing in front of others terrifying, there are so many things you want to say but never do, you are often spoken over or interrupted, you have a soft, quiet voice, or a voice that stays within your body when you speak.. then you probably have a blocked throat chakra. 

You work together on you expressing yourself gently through your words and through sound in a safe, supportive environment. You question together why you have developed those patterns and why you feel unsafe and judged. This work is beautiful and close to her heart as she has experienced all these things and continues to work through it herself.

75 minutes: $110
90 minutes: $150

Email to find out more or book in a session in person at the studio in Manly Vale or over Skype.

Voice coaching


Voice coaching

In these one hour sessions we work together to find and free your authentic singing voice using connection to breath, developing healthy technique, scales, throat chakra clearing, visualisation and applying to songs.

I guide and support you in the exploration of finding your voice and it's pure expression.

The voice to me, is the soul's purest expression and so my approach works with the mind, body and soul.

1 HR - $80


Upcoming events