Expressing Your Voice + Unblocking Your Throat Chakra

Finding my voice has been the most difficult and painful work I have done so far. Bit weird for a singer right!? Give me a stage and a mic and I'll happily sing - but to speak up and communicate what I need has felt terrifying and deeply painful. I'm not alone. So many people I speak with experience these feelings too. Why is it so hard for us to express and communicate? Why do we find it so hard to be SEEN and HEARD?

Through the work I've done healing this (and continue to do), and working with others, I have found this blockage to be multi-faceted. For me, it wasn't enough receiving reiki, or humming daily, wearing blue crystals around my neck, visualising myself speaking up in various situations, or going to epic sound baths. All these things were wonderful in healing and unblocking, but if I wasn't speaking my truth and expressing myself in daily life, then I would block right up again. I was treating the symptom and not the cause.

The big shifts came when I looked directly at my fear of expression. Why was I creating the block? Why couldn't I speak up? Why were others feeling more important than mine? Why was my opinion not worth being heard? Why did I not want to rock the boat?

This work is deep. Complex. Painful. But I have experienced the most amazing feeling of freedom and empowerment since tapping in and digging deep.

In my one on one healing sessions we work together to understand your unique picture. We get the energy flowing and moving within your throat chakra, you express what is being held in there and you are guided and supported in day to day life to practice speaking your truth so you feel empowered and worthy.

If you would like to find your authentic voice, please get in touch. xx